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This web-site is a NON SPAM Web-Site. - does not tolerate any SPAM mail sent on our behalf in an effort to speed up the process of getting a free gift. We will cancel the account of anyone caught sending SPAM. This person will also be ban from using our program in the future.

This web-site is a NO SCAM Web-Site.

We've heard and came across a number of web sites that pretend to offer the same kind of deals. However these web sites are either set up to collect e-mail that they will later sale or are simply in the business of deceiving. is here to bridge the gap between buyers and organizations that support good causes. We help these organizations sale more items which in turns help them increase their research or assistance budget. In the same token, we offer great incentives for buyers who can donate to these organization, and at the same time get great gifts.

Every Day Net Bargains Money Back (Shared Payout) Offer

For Money Back (Shared Payout)

This program is offered thanks to our cooperation with, a free membership web site that offers money back to its members on ALL purchases. To get money back on ALL your purchases register at or click here.

1) How Can I get Money Back?

The one and only pre-requisit is that you make a purchase through by clicking on an offer or any banner or advertisement. Once you've do ne that you will be re-directed to one of our partner where you can brose, select a product and service and decide to purchase. By doing this we will insure that we can track your purchase and giving you credit for your purchase. You will also be asked to provide us with the Invoice for your purchase to confirm with our partner. All Invoice should be sent in an electronic form (email and/or scannedInvoice) to

We have established relationship with hundreds of advertisers and merchants all other the world. These advertisers and merchants feature their products and services for free on and pay us only when someone makes a purchase. rewards its custumers and visitors by giving you back up to 50% of any payment that we receive from these merchants. Typically our share of the purchase varies from 2 to 25% and we give back to you, our customer, as much as 50%.

In other word, every time you purchase something at we will share with you any payout that we get from our partners. These are your "Shared Payouts", and they amount to 50% of any money we receive from partners when you make a purchase.

The payment we receive from these partners vary from 3 to 30% and we will give you back 50% of whatever money we receive. For example if you were to buy ink for your printer from 123inkjet and spent $100.00 you would get $10.00 back after confirmation or purchase completion from 123inkjet (this assume that 123inkjet gives us 20% or $20.00) per purchase.

We have also partnered with to allow you to accumulate the shared payouts that you collect and get extra bonus and extra cash. For example, when you sign up with we will give you the equivalent of $20.00 in money back. You then can collect this money and $30.00 when you have accumulated $50.00 in shared payouts.

2) How does it works?

Select merchandize or services from one of the hundreds of advertisers featured on and make a purchase using the link to these advertisers. Once you have completed your purchase, simply forward the email with the confirmation of purchase (or scan the Invoice) to Once the purchase is verified, we will send you a confirmation of the "Shared Payout" amount. Payment will then be made within 4 to 6 weeks of confirmation.

We retain the right to reject and ban forever anyone who attempts to defraud or any of our partners.

3) What do I have to do to get my "Shared Payout"?

Every dollar that you get as "Money BacK' is converted into point with each point equaling $1.00 (1.00 = 1 point). To cash out these point you must accumulate 1000 points. This 1000 treshold willallow you to get to the first redemption level of $10.00. Once at 1000 points you will have the option to receive $10.00 or continue to accumulate points.

There are two ways to accumulate points:

1) Make a purchase and send us the confirmation email of your purchase or any proof of purchase that you've made through us.

2) Refer friends and earn points each time they make a purchase.

4) Does it cost anything?

There are absolutely no costs associated with the "Shared Payout" offer. The only requirement is that you complete a legitimate purchase at one of our partner.

Get a Free T-Shirt Promotion

1) What will it cost me to get a FREE T-Shirt?

There is no cost to receiving a T-Shirt, and there are no charges for handling and shipping provided that you register for a "Shared Payout" account.

2) What do I have to do to get a FREE T-Shirt?

Follow the link provided to and register for "Shared Payout" account. There are no charge to opening and account. As a matter of fact when you open an account you will be given the equivalent of $20.00 in points (2000 points) redeemable when you reach 5000 points. Each time

You must complete this offer successfully to receive the free T-Shirt.

3) Do I need to do anything to get a FREE T-Shirt?

You do not have to do anything else than complete the required offer to get your free T-Shirt. However, in some instances, you will be required to provide proof of completion of offer. This is often an e-mail from the company whose offer you are supposed to complete.

You must keep all e-mail confirmation for purchase or order from the companies where you buy something. Failure to provide proof of purchase will disqualify you from receiving your Shared Payout or any other promotion, bonuses or other incentives..

To contact us send us an e-mail at

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